github cryfs/cryfs 0.10.1

Fixed bugs:

  • If file system migration encounters files or folders with the wrong format in the base directory, it now just ignores them instead of crashing.
  • When trying to migrate a file system from CryFS 0.9.3 or older, show an error message suggesting to first open it with 0.9.10 because we can't load that anymore.
  • The '--unmount-idle' parameter works again
  • Fix building with boost 1.67


  • Fixed some incompatibilities with systems using the musl libc
  • Use boost::stacktrace instead of libbacktrace to build stack traces. This fixes a segfault issue with platforms using libexecinfo and is generally more portable.


  • Updated to crypto++ 8.1
  • Updated to DokanY 1.2.1
  • Unit tests can now be run from any directory
latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.10.4, 0.11.0-rc1...
2 years ago