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edit: Please don't use this version, there's a race condition that'll make it crash quite often. Use HEAD of the next branch instead or wait for 0.10-m2.

This is a pre-release of CryFS 0.10.
Feel free to test it, but don't expect everything to work ;)

Based on 0.9.5, this release includes the following additional features:

  • Integrity protection. The file system will deliberately crash and notify you when it notices that an attacker (e.g. a malicious cloud storage provider) tried to modify your data. The protection covers the whole file system (i.e. files, directory structure, symlinks, ...), not only file contents.
  • Conflict resolution: Each entity in the file system (files, directories, symlinks) stores a pointer to the directory containing it. If two clients add a file to the same directory at the same time and this causes a synchronization conflict, the parent pointers can be used to resolve the conflict. Right now, the pointers are only stored. Conflict resolution will come in future versions.
latest releases: 0.11.0, 0.10.4, 0.11.0-rc1...
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