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CRI-O v1.18.2

The release notes have been generated for the commit range v1.18.1...v1.18.2 on Thu, 18 Jun 2020 21:51:05 UTC.


Download the static release bundle via our Google Cloud Bucket: crio-v1.18.2.tar.gz

Changes by Kind


  • Containers running init or systemd are now given a new selinux label container_init_t, giving it selinux privileges more appropriate for the workload (#3765, @umohnani8)

Other (Bug, Cleanup or Flake)

  • Crio --version output compatibility with previous versions restored (#3871, @afbjorklund)
  • Fixed bug where Pod creation would fail if Uid was not specified in Metadata of sandbox config passed in a run pod sandbox request (#3829, @haircommander)
  • Make StringSliceTrySplit return a copy of the underlying slice as otherwise the underlying flags in the ctx might be overriden, which can cause issue when the config is reloaded (GetConfigFromContext() is called more than once). (#3880, @rhafer)

Other Changes

latest releases: v1.18.4, v1.19.0, v1.17.5...
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