github creof/doctrine2-spatial 1.0.0


  • Change log file to chronicle changes.
  • Stub file.
  • file with guidelines.
  • CrEOF\Spatial\Tests\OrmTest class to remove dependency on doctrine/orm source for tests.
  • Travis-CI repo hook and configuration.
  • CodeClimate config.
  • Test config flag "opt_mark_sql" to execute dummy query with test name before each test.
  • Test config flag "opt_use_debug_stack" to use custom stack which logs queries.
  • Numerous SQL/DQL functions for both PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Coveralls config.
  • MultiPolygon geometry DBAL type.


  • Minimum doctrine/orm version now 2.3.
  • All ORM tests now extend CrEOF\Spatial\Tests\OrmTest.
  • Specifying test platform through @group annotation has been deprecated. Tests now configure supported platforms in setUp(), unsupported tests are skipped.
  • Cleaned up existing test classes.
  • Replaced rhumsaa/array_column dev package dependency with ramsey/array_column. Prior has been abandoned and is no longer maintained.
  • Tests now pass string values to parameters instead of objects to avoid issues with field value conversion.
  • Documentation split up into multiple files.
  • StringLexer and StringParser now correctly handle values with exponent/scientific notation.


  • AbstractDualGeometryDQLFunction, AbstractDualGeometryOptionalParameterDQLFunction, AbstractGeometryDQLFunction, AbstractSingleGeometryDQLFunction, AbstractTripleGeometryDQLFunction, and AbstractVariableGeometryDQLFunction classes.
latest releases: 1.2.0, 1.1.1, 1.1...
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