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  • b99f32d perf(dict): Bypass vars when possible [ #253 ]
  • d65fa79 refactor(dict): Make feature flag paths clearer
  • e6c595c Merge pull request #252 from epage/dict
  • 639e65b fix(dict): Handle cases from Linux [ #249 ]
  • fb0dac4 refactor(dict): Allow 0..n corrections in BuiltIn
  • 444d2cc Merge pull request #251 from epage/vars
  • 04e55e4 fix(dict): Correctly connect dict with varcon
  • 77cfccb refactor(varcon): Clarify check's meanings
  • fa7ce95 Merge pull request #250 from epage/ci
  • 9788f34 chore(ci): Clarify step names
  • 99318d8 Merge pull request #248 from epage/short
  • e3c191e fix(cli): Display shortened paths to users
  • 7c6b85c Merge pull request #247 from epage/search
  • 1a1ff20 fix(cli): Discover config in parent dirs
  • a0c592f feat(cli): Provide traceability on config loading
  • cc5c2b6 Merge pull request #246 from epage/api
  • c4050b4 fix(cli): Clarify API stabiliy [ #171 ]
  • 21d02bd Merge pull request #245 from epage/update
  • b830872 chore: Update enumflags2

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