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2 years ago


  • 04f5d40 chore: Release
  • 3a952cb chore: Release
  • 3462a23 docs: Update changelog
  • 78787b1 Merge pull request #276 from epage/action
  • 60fe94c fix(cli): Ensure we can run on files
  • 6e8f7cf test(action): Update test case for typos
  • 39d9a90 fix(action): Be stricter/cleaner with entrypoint
  • 0aaa2c0 Merge pull request #272 from epage/phf1
  • 0836966 Merge pull request #274 from Hamdor/patch-1
  • 15e8914 Merge pull request #275 from Hamdor/patch-2
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  • f48b604 Fix link to in
  • 7141c71 Fix example in
  • 2b1f565 refactor(varcon): Remove reliance on const-fn
  • b1cf03c refactor(varcon): Move away from PHF
  • 5a05a06 perf(cli): Expand dict benchmark
  • 57bf109 Merge pull request #271 from epage/override
  • 6365eeb docs(cli): Clarify help string for 'exclude' [ #269 ]

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