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3 days ago
  • Asset indexes now remember their previously-selected source path. (#13147)
  • Added the enabledForSite field for entries queried via GraphQL. (#13214)
  • Added craft\base\ElementInterface::sourcePath().
  • Improved craft\helpers\FileHelper::getExtensionByMimeType() for some ambiguous, web-friendly MIME types.
  • Fixed a bug where reverting an entry’s content from a revision could omit some Matrix blocks.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when adding a new site to an entry which contained Matrix blocks, if the same site had been added and removed previously.
  • Fixed a bug where Matrix blocks nested within Neo or Super Table fields could be omitted when propagating an entry to a new site. (#13207)
  • Fixed a bug where craft\web\View::registerTwigExtension() could throw an exception if Twig was already initialized. (#13208)
  • Fixed a bug where entries mutated via GraphQL weren’t becoming globally enabled if enabled was set to true. (#13214)
  • Fixed a styling issue with “Post Date” and “Expiry Date” fields. (#13216)
  • Removed the OAuth 2.0 Client library, as it’s no longer used in core.
  • Fixed a bug where activation emails sent to newly-created users could link to the front-end site, if they were granted control panel access via a user group. (#13204)
  • Fixed a bug where “Required” lightswitch labels within field layout designers’ field settings slideouts weren’t getting translated. (#13230)
  • Fixed a bug where Date fields could display the wrong date. (#13233)
  • Deprecated the Craft.startsWith() JavaScript method. String.prototype.startsWith() should be used instead.
  • Fixed two XSS vulnerabilities.

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