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Cortex Helm Chart v2.0.0

latest releases: v2.1.0, v2.0.1
3 months ago


  • [FEATURE] add purger components to cortex #407
  • [CHANGE] With the release of memcached v6 bitnami renamed extraEnv to extraEnvVars. Use extraEnvVars if you want to alter MEMCACHED_CACHE_SIZE, MEMCACHED_MAX_CONNECTIONS, etc... #303
  • [CHANGE] Caching for block storage can now be individually enabled. For example use memcached-blocks.enabled to enable caching for blocks. #417
  • [CHANGE] Drop cortex chunk support. #417
  • [CHANGE] Drop cortex configdb support. #417
  • [CHANGE] Removed legacy ruler and alertmanager storage configuration. Please use ruler_storage and alertmanager_storage. #417
  • [CHANGE] Dropped storage.index_queries_cache_config. #417
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add verboseLogging option to nginx config #402
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Start using autoscaling/v2 for HorizontalPodAutoscaler in v1.23+ #414
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add pod topology spread constrant option to Ingester/Alertmanager statefulset #403
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add HPA to store gateways #406
  • [DEPENDENCY] Update Docker tag to v1.13.1 #401
  • [DEPENDENCY] Update Helm release memcached to v6 #303
  • [DEPENDENCY] Update Helm release memcached to v6.3.2 #418
  • [DEPENDENCY] Update Cortex to v1.14 #417

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