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Cortex Helm Chart v1.3.0

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13 months ago


  • [CHANGE] move from to omegavvweapon/kopf-k8s-sidecar image #302
  • [CHANGE] undo querier store optimization #304
    • config.querier.query_ingesters_within: 13h -> 0s (default)
    • config.querier.query_store_after: 12h -> 0s (default)
  • [CHANGE] Change sidecar default values to match values in documentation #317
  • [CHANGE] Remove ruler.persistentVolume.subPath since it was never persistent to begin with #317
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Fix the indentation of memcached guide #309
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added api endpoints for Grafana 8 unified alerting #291
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add guide on how to configure alertmanager/ruler with configmap #313
  • [DEPENDENCY] Update Helm release memcached to v5.15.14 #301

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