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Cortex Helm Chart v0.6.0

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21 months ago


  • [CHANGE] Removed dnssrvnoa resolution from block memcached (probably oversight) and moved back to simple dns resolution #164
  • [CHANGE] Removed http-metrics port from every headless service and added ClusterIP service with http-metrics port to every component who before only had an headless service before #169
  • [FEATURE] Support dynamic configuration of Ruler and AlertManager using sidecar #150
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Enable/Disable security & container security context #158
  • [ENHANCEMENT] ServiceMonitors: add options to configure metricRelabelings and relabelings #165
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Support specification of whether service accounts should automount token by adding value for Cortex service account and upgrading memcached dependency to version which includes same change #142
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the default label used in pod affinity expression #162
  • [BUGFIX] Fix label and annotation overrides for services (thanks @kwangil-ha) #164
  • [BUGFIX] Fix store gateway service name regression introduced in (#144) #166
  • [BUGFIX] Fix querier-frontend memcached arg #170

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