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Cortex Helm Chart v0.5.0

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21 months ago


  • [CHANGE] Labels has been updated to latest best practices. This means that you cannot do a rolling update from an older version of this chart. Either change the labels of your existing deployment by hand to make the transition as seamless as possible or uninstall the old release and install the new release with a short downtime. #144
  • [CHANGE] Minimum Kubernetes Version of this Chart is now 1.19 #144
  • [CHANGE] A new dedicated service is now available for the memberlist. Check config.memberlist.join_members in the default values.yaml for more information. #144
  • [CHANGE] Ingress is now disabled by default. You can re-enable it by setting ingress.enabled to true #144
  • [CHANGE] Configs is now disabled by default. You can re-enable it by setting configs.enabled to true #144
  • [CHANGE] PodDisruptionBudget is now enabled by default for all microservices once you have more than 1 replicas #144
  • [ENHANCEMENT] startupProbe has been added to all Pods and the default values for livenessProbe and readinessProbe has been adjusted #144
  • [ENHANCEMENT] You can now disable the alertmanager and ruler deployment by setting ruler.enabled or alertmanager.enabled to false #144
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules for the ruler can now be provisioned via values. Check ruler.directories in the default values.yaml for more information. #144
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Expose client_max_body_size config for nginx max request body size #137
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adding option to add custom headers (ex. X-Scope-OrgID) to NGINX from values.yaml (key nginx.config.setHeaders). #127
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Headless service for distributor to allow GRPC load balancing #148
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed priorityClassName in alertmanager deployment configuration. #155
  • [BUGFIX] Replacing deprecated (in Cortex 1.9) configuration with appropriate replacements (max_look_back_period -> max_query_lookback & compress_responses -> response_compression_enabled). #154
  • [BUGFIX] Added missing ServiceMonitors additionalLabels placeholders in values.yaml. #146

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