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Cortex Helm Chart 0.3.0

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2 years ago


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Expose new HTTP API paths for remote-write and Query frontend to nginx #103
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Compactor service is no longer created if compactor is disabled. #82
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Headless service for alert manager is only enabled when the alert manager is deployed as a stateful set. #91
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved memcached configuration template, with support for both chunks & block storage caches. #92
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Update apiVersion: -> for Kubernetes versions 1.19+ #94
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Service Monitors and Compactor Service #68, #80
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updated default replication factor to match documentation
  • [BUGFIX] Update repository URL for memcache dependency charts. #96
  • [BUGFIX] nginx config using non-default clusterDomain #78
  • [BUGFIX] Add cluster DNS domain value #63
  • [BUGFIX] Fix grpc port for querier #71

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