github cortexproject/cortex-helm-chart v0.2.0


  • [FEATURE] Add support for Blocks storage backend of Cortex. #52
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adding dnsResolver option to nginx.config. #28
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Supporting externally managed Cortex Config. #31
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Enabling NGINX deployment to be optional. #32
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adding option to deploy ingester as StatefulSet. #46
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Adding ability to run alertmanager as StatefulSet. #54
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Updating README.MD with values.yaml defaults, adding alertmanager paths to nginx. #57
  • [BUGFIX] Updating query frontend headless service to publish its address when not ready, to fix issue with queriers not becoming ready due to not finding any frontend addresses. #34
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed invalid config template. #40
  • [BUGFIX] Correct & add consistent target labels on components. #48
  • [BUGFIX] Fix values file duplicate section of Cortex config. #51
  • [BUGFIX] Add GRPC ports to store gateway pods and service. #52
  • [BUGFIX] Fix service ports, fix ruler endpoint for configs and alertmanager. #55
latest releases: v0.7.0, v0.6.0, v0.5.0...
12 months ago