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17 months ago

This release fixes some bugs, and adds some new features including:

  • Corrected architecture labels in multi-arch image manifest
  • A new plugin timeouts that allows configuration of server listener timeout durations
  • acl can drop queries as an action
  • template supports creating responses with extended DNS errors
  • New weighted policy in loadbalance
  • Option to serve original record TTLs from cache

Brought to You By

Arthur Outhenin-Chalandre,
Ben Kaplan,
Chris O'Haver,
Gabor Dozsa,
Grant Spence,
Kumiko as a Service,
Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters,
Ondřej Benkovský,
Stephen Kitt,
Yash Singh,
Yong Tang,

Noteworthy Changes

  • plugin/timeouts - Allow ability to configure listening server timeouts (#5784)
  • plugin/acl: adding ability to drop queries (#5722)
  • plugin/template : add support for extended DNS errors (#5659)
  • plugin/kubernetes: error NXDOMAIN for TXT lookups (#5737)
  • plugin/kubernetes: dont match external services when endpoint is specified (#5734)
  • plugin/k8s_external: Fix rcode for headless services (#5657)
  • plugin/edns: remove truncating of question section on bad EDNS version (#5787)
  • plugin/dnstap: Fix behavior when multiple dnstap plugins specified (#5773)
  • plugin/cache: cache now uses source query DNSSEC option for upstream refresh (#5671)
  • Workaround for incorrect architecture (#5691)
  • plugin/loadbalance: Add weighted policy (#5662)
  • plugin/cache: Add keepttl option (#5879)
  • plugin/forward: Fix dnstap for forwarded request/response (#5890)

Full Changelog: v1.10.0...v1.10.1

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