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v1.0.8 is a hard fork release for Core-chain mainnet.

The mainnet is expected to have a scheduled hard fork upgrade named Poseidon at block height 13,232,049. The current block generation speed forecasts this to occur around 13th April 2024 at 08:00 AM (UTC).

The Poseidon hardfork enables self custody BTC staking on Core blockchain.

The validators and full node operators on Core MainNet should switch their software version to v1.0.8 before 13th April.


  • #1 Enables self custody BTC staking on Core blockchain.

How to Run

Please refer to

How to Upgrade

  • Download the appropriate version of Geth for your operating system.
  • Verify the checksum, e.g., for geth_linux.
    • Run sha256sum geth_linux
    • The result should match 8640c16780e6dbe2da74c2a215be91160491a30bcd495b0d0d5bbf551f6a22a8
  • Stop the old version of the Geth program.
  • Replace it with the new version.
  • Start the new version of the Geth program.
  • Verify that the new version is correct by checking the console output, such as instance=Geth/v1.0.8-26e9bfad/linux-amd64/go1.19.13.
  • Ensure that the node syncs up to the latest block successfully. For validators, confirm that the node can successfully produce blocks once elected.


Assets Sha256 Checksum 7b04dfe81be715ac80848c075f7ea02c052e3890d29a7547e2d442ce27015e89 060af12c9ab352e5362deb93e12045dd2b700436f71dd385522ae7cfd45ae7ad
geth_linux 8640c16780e6dbe2da74c2a215be91160491a30bcd495b0d0d5bbf551f6a22a8
geth_mac 58e34af2ed3f39c5b070301b45436f71c2b0590f48159452019832dcdd736761
geth_windows 7665e0daadc96c8ea64ff3496d8408c42f5cf1886d8c606872e52b1e69124e29
geth_linux_arm-5 ee866252dd5dcf9b6b69ef623054b58395261a47321198e2666d0b659c652a8d
geth_linux_arm-6 57f90169dd3867674d95db245bd77ee22cb0fde3d154506b93de2c534d83a174
geth_linux_arm-7 5d79480803857a2c2471be42dfe0900b8b08b2c665f748434e33e9133a3db5dc
geth_linux_arm64 8f21970fb9e3b9e49ff3ce420ce965ea97dd07bded56c0b40b9d3ab61669acc8

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