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  • Do not include image annotations when building spec. These annotations can have security implications - crun, for example, allows rootless containers to preserve the user's groups through an annotation.


  • Fixed a bug in quadlet to recognize the systemd optional prefix '-'.


  • Fixed a bug where fully resolving symlink paths included the version number, breaking the path to homebrew-installed qmeu files (#18111).
  • Fixed a bug where Podman was splitting the filter map slightly differently compared to Docker (#18092).
  • Fixed a bug where running make package did not work on RHEL 8 environments (#18421).
  • Fixed a bug to allow comma separated dns server IP addresses in podman network create --dns and podman network update --dns-add/--dns-drop (#18663).
  • Fixed a bug to correctly stop containers created with --restart=always in all cases (#18259).
  • Fixed a bug in podman-remote logs to correctly display errors reported by the server.
  • Fixed a bug to correctly tear down the network stack again when an error happened during the setup.
  • Fixed a bug in the remote API exec inspect call to correctly display updated information, e.g. when the exec process died (#18424).
  • Fixed a bug so that podman save on windows can now write to stdout by default (#18147).
  • Fixed a bug where podman machine rm with the qemu backend now correctly removes the machine connection after the confirmation message not before (#18330).
  • Fixed a problem where podman machine connections would try to connect to the ipv6 localhost ipv6 (::1) (#16470).


  • Fixed a bug in the compat container create endpoint which could result in a "duplicate mount destination" error when the volume path was not "clean", e.g. included a final slash at the end. (#18454).
  • The compat API now correctly accpets a tag in the images/create?fromSrc endpoint (#18597).

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