github containers/bubblewrap v0.9.0

29 days ago

Build system

  • Building this version of bubblewrap with Meson is recommended. The source release bubblewrap-0.9.0.tar.xz no longer contains Autotools-generated files, although this version can still be built using Autotools after running ./ Future versions are likely to remove the Autotools build system altogether.

New features

  • Add --argv0 (#91)

Other enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Fix a double-close on error reading from --args, --seccomp or --add-seccomp-fd argument (#558)
  • Improve memory allocation behaviour (#556, #624)
  • Silence various compiler warnings (#559)
  • Silence an Automake warning (#622)
  • Fix a test failure when running as uid 0 in a container (#488)
  • Fix a test failure when /mnt is a symlink (#599)
  • Fix a test failure on NixOS (#603)
c6347eaced49ac0141996f46bba3b089e5e6ea4408bc1c43bab9f2d05dd094e1 *bubblewrap-0.9.0.tar.xz

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