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containerd 1.3.7

Welcome to the v1.3.7 release of containerd!

The seventh patch release for containerd 1.3 includes bug fixes related to clean-up of containers that don't exist, and suspending a devmapper device to avoid data corruption when taking snapshots.

Notable Updates

Please try out the release binaries and report any issues at


  • Phil Estes
  • Derek McGowan
  • Xiaodong Ye
  • Akihiro Suda
  • Joe Julian
  • Kazuyoshi Kato
  • Wei Fu
  • Brian Goff
  • Li Yuxuan
  • Maksym Pavlenko
  • Zhiyu Li


  • 8fba4e9a Merge pull request #4448 from joejulian/1.3.7
  • 7101a2a3 Merge pull request #4450 from dmcgowan/update-mailmap-1.3
  • 6816dfae Update mailmap for latest release
  • a60b483c Prepare v1.3.7 fix release
  • c9831cbc Merge pull request #4432 from estesp/cp-3904
  • da855486 Merge pull request #4417 from cpuguy83/1.3-shim2_event_cancelled
  • 59b7f645 Merge pull request #4422 from kzys/backport-3889
  • 400c7841 Remove an empty line
  • f34fe9e5 Update checkImages to accept images.MediaTypeDockerSchema2Manifest
  • 0e29f9b8 Replace ocispec.MediaTypeImageManifest with manifest.MediaType
  • ad19320c shim: move event context timeout to publsher
  • 2a76bb8a Merge pull request #4416 from kzys/backport-4374
  • 97938939 snapshots/devmapper: backport ResumeDevice() from master
  • e59d348f snapshots/devmapper: suspend a device to avoid data corruption
  • 4ee5184c Allow empty scope authorization
  • 4f6d25c2 Merge pull request #4361 from joejulian/backport-4214
  • 6bc17344 Update to later version of critools with timing fix.
  • b7831603 Don't clash with GH Actions runner's containerd
  • fcbd278b cleanup the image synchronously for Usage case
  • a7dca07b test: Do SynchronousDelete cleanup before testing ImageIsUnpacked
  • 431b5b5c fixes for backports to 1.3 from 1.4
  • 9053787a Minor actions fixes/updates
  • 57072568 [backport] Transfer error to ErrNotFound when kill a not exist container

Dependency Changes

This release has no dependency changes

Previous release can be found at v1.3.6

latest releases: v1.5.0-beta.0, v1.3.9, v1.4.3...
5 months ago