github consul/consul 1.3.1

Here's release 1.3.1. This is a maintenance release with:

  • Several bugfixes, particularly one where the help page crashed in certain languages
  • Updated translations for German, Swedish and Turkish
  • A more accessible menu button on small screens
  • Security updates in dependencies like Ruby, Rails or Puma

Check the Changelog to see all the changes. Please take your time reading all referenced pull requests to understand the changes.

Updating your fork

Check how to keep your fork updated; if you're upgrading from release 1.3.0 or release 1.2.0, you can just:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b release
git fetch upstream tag 1.3.1
git merge 1.3.1
git checkout master
git merge release
git branch -d release
git push

⚙️ It you're upgrading from version 1.2.0, after deploying you have to run additional tasks on your server with bin/rake consul:execute_release_1.3.0_tasks RAILS_ENV=production. You can safely omit this step if you're upgrading form version 1.3.0.

4 months ago