github consul/consul 1.3.0

Here's release 1.3.0 with:

  • United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals support, including:
    • New SDG information section, with active processes related to a certain goal
    • Possibility to associate goals/targets when creating debates, proposals, investments, polls and legislations processes and proposals
    • Filters by SDG or target
    • Stats by SDG
    • SDG icons on related debates/proposals/polls/processes
    • New "SDG manager" role to manage goals, targets and local targets.
  • Design improvements in participatory budgets.
  • Ubuntu 20.04 support in the installer.
  • GitHub Actions and (experimental) Gitlab CI integration.
  • Maintenance updates like upgrading to Rails 5.2 and Ruby 2.6.6.
  • Many bug fixes, small improvements and accessibility improvements.

Check the Changelog to see all the changes. Please take your time reading all referenced pull requests to understand new features and changes.

Updating your fork

❗ ⚠️ Recently, one of the Ruby on Rails dependencies (mimemagic) yanked all its previous versions due to a licensing issue. Due to that, before upgrading to version 1.3.0, you must install shared-mime-info on your server and then continue with the following instructions.

⚠️ In your development environment, you must also install CMake and pkg-config; no need to do so on production, staging nor testing environments

Check how to keep your fork updated; if you're updating from release 1.2.0 you can just:

git checkout master
git pull
git checkout -b release
git fetch upstream tag 1.3.0
git merge 1.3.0
git checkout master
git merge release
git branch -d release
git push

⚙️ After deploying the new version, execute the release tasks:

bin/rake consul:execute_release_tasks RAILS_ENV=production

⚠️ In version 1.3.0 we update the i18n gem. If you're still defining language fallbacks using config.i18n.fallbacks = true (which we did until we changed it in CONSUL 1.1.0), you must replace it with config.i18n.fallbacks = [I18n.default_locale].

⚠️ If you've customized the config/api.yml file or you've deleloped services using the GraphQL API, make sure those services still work properly; we've updated the GraphQL version and there are some minor breaking changes in the new version.

⚠️ We've upgraded the PostgreSQL version used in our Dockerfile. If you've used Docker with PostgreSQL 9.4, you'll have to run pg_upgrade in your Docker image. In your development environment, alternatively you can remove the volume used to store the database with docker volume rm <volume_name>.

ℹ️ Due to the upgrade to Rails 5.2, when starting Puma you might get a warning which you can safely ignore:

#<Thread:0x00000000067ea620@/home/deploy/consul/shared/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activerecord- sleep> - /home/deploy/consul/shared/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activerecord- 'sleep'`.

ℹ️ We've started to use components, which are a way to group helpers and views together. Existing helpers and views will still work properly. If you'd like to customize a component, check the components customization documentation.

latest release: 1.3.1
5 months ago