github console-rs/indicatif 0.17.4

latest releases: 0.17.6, 0.17.5
6 months ago

Another small bugfix release.

  • Handle newline in msg and empty msg (#540, thanks to @RDruon)
  • Handle terminal line wrap to avoid new line (#533, thanks to @RDruon)
  • Resetting the elapsed time also resets ETA (#538, thanks to @afontenot)
  • Mention the prefix and message placeholders in the with_ docs (#529, thanks to @lnicola)
  • Allow rate-limiting TermLike targets (#526, thanks to @akx)
  • Fix docs for ProgressDrawTarget (#523, thanks to @tillarnold)
  • Change "OS X" to "macOS" (#519, thanks to @atouchet)
  • Fix MultiProgress alignment handling and migrate from structopt => clap (#516)
  • Don't deadlock when double-adding ProgressBar (#515)
  • Use instant::Instant when compiling to WASM (#514, thanks to @azriel91)
  • Update portable-atomic requirement from 0.3.15 to 1.0.0 (#512)
  • Add contents_formatted() method to `InMemoryTerm (#531, thanks to @dfaust)
  • inc() after work in examples (#522, thanks to @tatref)

On behalf of the indicatif team (@chris-laplante and @djc), thanks to all contributors!

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