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14 months ago

2.5 months after the large 0.17 release, we (finally) have a release that addresses most of the regressions found in 0.17. There is ongoing work on changes in the estimation algorithm, tracked in #394, which has regressed for some users.

Note that we made some technically semver-breaking change of adding a missing Sync bound to the ProgressTracker bounds (#471). We're assuming that most users don't (yet) have custom ProgressTracker impls, and that users who do have probably built one that is Sync anyway.

Fixed regressions

  • Fixed unicode-width feature spelling (#456)
  • Only tick if the ticker is disabled (#458)
  • Rework MultiProgress zombie line handling (#460)
  • Fix incorrect link in documentation (#469, thanks to @Jedsek)
  • Take a reference for ProgressBar::style() (#476, thanks to @andrewchambers)

Other changes

  • Add HumanFloatCount formatting option (#453, thanks to @jqnatividad)
  • Add Sync bound to ProgressTracker (#471)
  • Update ProgressDrawTarget documentation (#472, thanks to @AronParker)
  • Correct mis-naming of variables in wrap_async_read (#473, thanks to @octylFractal)
  • Remove write_all() impl from ProgressBarIter's Write impl (#478, thanks to @hexagonal-sun)
  • Document last char/string in tick style being the "final" state (#479, thanks to @MarijnS95)

Thanks from @djc and @chris-laplante to all contributors!

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