github composer/composer 2.0.10

  • Added COMPOSER_MAX_PARALLEL_HTTP env var to let people set a lower amount of parallel requests if needed
    • Fixed autoloader registration when plugins are loaded, which may impact plugins relying on this bug (if you use symfony/flex make sure you upgrade it to 1.12.2+ to fix dump-env issues)
    • Fixed exec command suppressing output in some circumstances
    • Fixed Windows/cmd.exe support for script handlers defined as path/to/foo, which are now rewritten internally to path\to\foo when needed
    • Fixed bin handling on Windows for PHP scripts, to more closely match symlinks and allow @php vendor/bin/foo to work cross-platform
    • Fixed Git for Windows/Git Bash not being detected correctly as an interactive shell (regression since 2.0.7)
    • Fixed regression handling some private Bitbucket repository clones
    • Fixed Ctrl-C/SIGINT handling during downloads to correctly abort as soon as possible
    • Fixed runtime autoloader registration (for plugins and script handlers) to prefer the project dependencies over the bundled Composer ones
    • Fixed numeric default branches being aliased as 9999999-dev internally. This alias now only applies to default branches being non-numeric (e.g. dev-main)
    • Fixed support for older lib-sodium versions
    • Fixed various minor issues
latest release: 2.0.11
10 days ago