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Not up to date with Composer 2 yet? Check the alpha1 changelog and alpha2 changelog and UPGRADE guide first.

Try it out now and get ready for the upcoming stable release

  • Use composer self-update --preview to try the latest alpha/prerelease version (2.x).
  • Use composer self-update --snapshot to try the latest dev build (2.x).
  • Use composer self-update --stable to go back to stable releases (1.x for now).
  • Use composer self-update --1 in CI/scripts if you want to pin Composer to 1.x until you are ready to migrate, this will ensure you stay on 1.x releases even once a 2.0 stable comes out.


  • Breaking: Zip archives loaded by artifact repositories must now have a composer.json on top level, or a max of one folder on top level of the archive
  • Added --no-dev support to show and outdated commands to skip dev requirements
  • Added support for multiple --repository flags being passed into the create-project command, only useful in combination with --add-repository to persist them to composer.json
  • Added a new optional list API endpoint for v2-format composer repositories, see UPGRADE for details
  • Fixed show -a command not listing anything
  • Fixed solver bug where it ended in a "Reached invalid decision id 0"
  • Fixed updates of git-installed packages on windows
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
latest releases: 2.0.0-RC2, 1.10.15, 1.10.14...
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