github commaai/openpilot v0.7.7
0.7.7 Release

  • White panda is no longer supported, upgrade to comma two or black panda
  • Improved vehicle model estimation using high precision localizer
  • Improved thermal management on comma two
  • Improved autofocus for road-facing camera
  • Improved noise performance for driver-facing camera
  • Block lane change start using blindspot monitor on select Toyota, Hyundai, and Subaru
  • Fix GM ignition detection
  • Code cleanup and smaller release sizes
  • Hyundai Sonata 2020 promoted to officially supported car
  • Hyundai Ioniq Electric Limited 2019 and Ioniq SE 2020 support thanks to baldwalker!
  • Subaru Forester 2019 and Ascent 2019 support thanks to martinl!
latest release: v0.7.8
2 months ago