github collectiveaccess/providence 1.7.15

latest release: 1.7.16
5 months ago

Version 1.7.15 is a maintenance release with these bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Fix for issue preventing correct display of relationship types for self-relationships (Eg. entity-entity relationships)
  • Fix broken page navigation in list item editor (GitHub issue #1346)
  • Allow apostrophes in email addresses for new users (GitHub issue #347)
  • Resolve issues with formatting of nested relationship types (GitHub #1193)
  • Minor fixes to DACS and Darwin Core profiles
  • Prevent potential XSS issue in error handler
  • Resolve Tilepic processing issues with images having EXIF orientation set that would result in illegible zoomable images.
  • Update vendor libraries to incorporate security fixes
  • Updated PDF output components for compatibility with new vendor libraries
  • Update logo graphics

Note that this version is not yet compatible with PHP version 8. Please use versions 7.3 or 7.4.

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