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3 years ago
  • Added new contrib module sql_huey, which uses peewee <>_ to provide storage layer using any of the supported databases (sqlite, mysql or postgresql).
  • Added RedisExpireHuey, which modifies the usual Redis result storage logic to use an expire time for task result values. A consequence of this is that this storage implementation must keep all result keys at the top-level Redis keyspace. There are some small changes to the storage APIs as well, but will only possibly affect maintainers of alternative storage layers.
  • Also added a PriorityRedisExpireHuey which combines the priority-queue support from PriorityRedisHuey with the result-store expiration mechanism of RedisExpireHuey.
  • Fix gzip compatibility issue when using Python 2.x.
  • Add option to Huey to use zlib as the compression method instead of gzip.
  • Added FileStorageMethods storage mixin, which uses the filesystem for task result-store APIs (put, peek, pop).
  • The storage-specific Huey implementations (e.g. RedisHuey) are no longer subclasses, but instead are partial applications of the Huey constructor.

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