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This section describes the changes in the 2.0.0 release. A detailed list of
changes can be found here:

Overview of changes:

  • always_eager mode has been renamed to immediate mode. Unlike previous
    versions, immediate mode involves the same code paths used by the consumer
    process. This makes it easier to test features like task revocation and task
    scheduling without needing to run a dedicated consumer process. Immediate
    mode uses an in-memory storage layer by default, but can be configured to use
    "live" storage like Redis or Sqlite.
  • The events stream API has been removed in favor of simpler callback-driven
    signals APIs. These
    callbacks are executed synchronously within the huey consumer process.
  • A new serialization format is used in 2.0.0, however consumers running 2.0
    will continue to be able to read and deserialize messages enqueued by Huey
    version 1.11.0 for backwards compatibility.
  • Support for task priorities.
  • New Serializer abstraction allows users to customize the serialization
    format used when reading and writing tasks.
  • Huey consumer and scheduler can be more easily run within the application
    process, if you prefer not to run a separate consumer process.
  • Tasks can now specify an on_error handler, in addition to the
    previously-supported on_complete handler.
  • Task pipelines return a special ResultGroup object which simplifies reading
    the results of a sequence of task executions.
  • SqliteHuey has been promoted out of contrib, onto an equal footing with
    RedisHuey. To simplify deployment, the dependency on
    peewee was removed and the Sqlite
    storage engine uses the Python sqlite3 driver directly.

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