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4 years ago

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Fixed a subtle bug in the way Huey calculated when to run the periodic task
scheduler. If you had configured the consumer to check the schedule at an
interval that was not a factor of 60, then there is a chance that periodic
tasks may be scheduled at incorrect intervals from one minute to the next. This
is fixed in 1.4.0.

Added better signal handling in order to support graceful shutdown. Graceful
shutdown involves letting workers finish executing any tasks they may be
processing at the time the shutdown signal is received. The default behavior is
to interrupt the workers mid-task. Huey uses SIGTERM to shutdown the
consumer immediately, and SIGINT to gracefully shutdown.

Added support for using either a global task registry, or a registry bound to
a particular Huey instance. The default behavior is to use a global registry
(backwards-compatible). To bind the registry to a single Huey instance, pass
global_registry=False when initializing your Huey object.

Added a reschedule() method to the TaskResultWrapper.

Documentation clean-ups and additions, particularly around the logic used to
handle datetime conversion. Also added docs on shutdown modes for huey

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