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4 years ago

What follows is a description of the changes between 0.4.9 and 1.0.0. There are
some backwards-incompatible changes to be aware of as well as new options for
the consumer. Most APIs are the same, however.

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • huey.djhuey moved to huey.contrib.djhuey. You will need to update
    any import statements as well as your Django INSTALLED_APPS setting to
    reflect the new module path.
  • Redis backend is now the only one available, and the corresponding code moved
    from huey.backends.redis_backend to
  • Removed the "RabbitMQ" and "SQLite" queue backends.
  • Removed the -t and --threads option from the consumer. You should now
    use -w or --workers.
  • Removed the -p and --periodic no-op options from the consumer. These
    are enabled by default so the option had no meaning.
  • The scheduler-interval option is configured using -s when previously
    it was -S. Furthermore, this must be a value between 1 and 60.
  • Removed the peewee_helpers module.

New features:

  • The queue consumer now supports multi-process or multi-greenlet execution
    models (in addition to multi-threaded, which previously was the only option).
  • Added pending(), scheduled() and all_results() methods to the Huey
    class to allow introspection of the Queue's state at the current moment in

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