github code-ready/crc v2.2.2

2 months ago

Downloads are available at: To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

Notable Changes

  • Openshift 4.10.9
  • When using the podman preset, crc start adds podman connections for both rootless (default) and root use. The podman system connection command can be used to switch between the two.
  • Fix a proxy related bug when CA cert in used

git shortlog

e5c608f win: Make sure the task exists before stopping/removing it
b8d3bd3 Issue #3149 check for existence of daemon process in checkIfDaemonPlistFileExists
d75ebc6 check for daemonTaskRunning returns nil if correct version of daemon process is found
42c9cb6 (up/main) Delete: Send podman connection remove error to debug log
a31f912 Integration: Replace 'CodeReady Containers' to CRC
300b2a8 Windows: Remove an existing task as part of fixDaemonTaskInstalled
4de2dce Preflight: Kill daemon process if running with a different version
0a46284 Daemon: Move daemon running check to daemon client package
0a7df3b Daemon: Remove tray application message when daemon not running in windows
cb409b4 Update bundle link and sha256sum for 4.10.9
0fcdb72 Windows: rename to Red Hat OpenShift Local
dcd6184 MacOS: correct entitlements
00ede14 Packaging: [Mac] Remove old CodeReady Containers folder from applications
ade9b09 MacOS: rename to Red Hat OpenShift Local
1c4f8e6 Update the openshift bundle to 4.10.9 (stable)
3acb1bd docs: Rename CodeReady Containers to "CRC"
1093c29 Tray: bump version renamed to Red Hat OpenShift Local
6ef156b Replace CodeReady Containers to CRC
609ecb2 ci: Remove CircleCI/appveyor use
a4d4778 Update github action files
4062177 ci: Remove unused gitlab-ci.yml file
aa3f37b gh-actions: Add windows-installer action
3f60efc gh-actions: Add macos-installer action
8f0f314 gh-actions: Add publish-docs action
bc5accc build: Drop -it flags from docs_check_links
8e2a8ac gh-actions: Add make-rpm action
6ee1d0b gh-actions: Add 'make check' github action
8414996 build: Use local build of golangci-lint
4c61de1 squid: Fix rootCA.crt name in comment
86ced8e dns: Fix CheckCRCPublicDNSReachable with proxy CA
eba2f6d dns: Only add --proxy once in CheckCRCPublicDNSReachable
2f6a75b [integration] removed embedded as default value for bundle location on integration container
5d467f0 Gitignore: Add tmp-embed folder to git ignore list
327bc49 Constants: Creates cache and bin directories as part of EnsureBaseDirectoriesExist
5df763e Update the bundles checksum and url for 4.10.6
361bc35 ci: Fix appveyor builds
4dfe9d4 Fix appveyor updates in
168dba8 bump electron-tray to 1.2.1
25014e3 docs: Add OpenShift preset as a prerequisite to applicable procedures
2af42b9 Mac: Enable daemon service to run as soon as user login
79443cf Update openshift bundle to 4.10.6 (stable channel)
88a0aee Podman: Use podman system connection setting to add ssh connection
fdef30b Add podman socket variable to constants package
2ca23cf Mac: Use launchd to start the daemon as part of setup
197df63 Preflight: Move crc binary symlink check from linux to non-win file
889b132 Windows: Check if daemon process is already running
9c9d9ed Daemon: Remove preflight check from daemon command
7e14cb3 Windows Installer: Remove crc daemon task during uninstall
a983eb3 Windows: Add system network mode label for system-network specific checks
ba71f75 Windows: Add check if admin helper service is running
047873f Windows: Run 'crc daemon' as task for 'crc setup'
6d118b9 docs: fix preset set command
aa7e94f Make user mode networking default for dev build
73bec3d Update to Openshift 4.10.4 (candidate channel)
8e03ef6 preflight: macos: Reword tray messages a little bit
da1c475 preflight: macos: Add check for crc.daemon plist file
323dc8b preflight: macos: Use preexisting launchd helpers

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