github code-ready/crc v2.0.1

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3 months ago

Downloads are available at: To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

Notable Changes

  • The release assets no longer contain the OpenShift bundles as in previous releases. The appropriate bundle will be downloaded as part of crc setup on linux and during the initial start of the tray on Windows and macOS.
  • New electron-based tray application which provides a guided workflow to the user after installation of pkg/msi.
  • During the initial start of the tray, near the end of the guided workflow, a spinner will be shown for a few minutes. This is expected while the bundle is being downloaded, the process is not frozen, it's waiting for the end of the download of several GB.
  • 2 different presets are provided. The default one is openshift and provides access to OpenShift 4.10.3. The other preset is podman which provides a much lighter runtime to run containers using podman.

git shortlog

48be4d4 Mac Preflight: Check if plist file exist before removing it
3fa893b ignore error when removing tray related launchd plist file
bb26c22 bump electron tray to v1.2.0
17ca777 docs: Update introductory content with preset information
248cec0 remove old launchd config for tray from host during setup
94bb587 remove TrayStartup component from msi
d3b9f1d remove tray autostart config and preflight checks
0b2f811 Packaging Mac: Use 'Applications folder' instead 'application'
e37c0d2 Update bundle links to 4.10.3 and 3.4.4 podman (mirror.openshift)
9705781 Update bundle to 4.10.3 (candidate channel)
4aa2dad docs: Add documentation for runtime presets
f6fb7cf docs: Fix miscellaneous, small errors
2af4afc docs: Add attributes for OpenShift
a9e7d07 Constants: Add bundle arch info to default bundle name
8126c07 Integration: Use crc setup to honor bundle for config feature
6c196cd Update bundle to 4.10.2 (Candidate channel)
be0a188 docs: Update terminology, use "instance" and "container runtime"
a5465dc docs: Create sections for usage data collection
e56185b docs: Use "control plane" instead of "master node"
bb4ac72 Docs: update firewalld instructions
e4fbcf8 docs: Fix small errors, adhere to Red Hat style
a5f9fec docs: Note that nested virtualization is not supported
72a19d9 docs: Replace "or newer" with "or later" per IBM style
5907099 docs: Clarify processor architecture requirement
b280e0a Fix release json sample file to have correct podman version
ddf596c Doc Deploy: Use main branch instead master
c1868ef Integration-test: Remove embedded as bundle path
ba4f9b7 Update golangci lint to 1.44.2
82d937e Integration-e2e: Add function for setup command to honor bundle path
75ba79b Centos CI: unzip bundle no longer required
5b62520 Update admin-helper to 0.0.10
6275ea7 Update libvirt driver to 0.13.2

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