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1.99.4 (2.0.0-beta)

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pre-release3 months ago

This is a beta release of CodeReady Containers

  • Uses a new tray/desktop application (macOS and Windows only)
  • Allows for running an OpenShift or Podman bundle

Downloads are available at:


The following is part of the development preview and will not be in the final release.

  • Telemetry is enforced for this release to collect issues

Please use to file issues/RFE/Suggestions

git shortlogs

a1854de update tray-electron to 1.1.3
ff5d176 Version: Remove bundle path detail from version command
181954f Version: Add podman bundle version to version command/api
c76f3c2 add entitlements and sign framework dependencies of tray-electron
4b00cd9 go-mod: Update the gvisor-tap
c121088 bump electron-tray to 1.1.2
db4c6c7 Update Openshift(4.9.18) and podman(3.4.4) bundles
1270861 Used named pipe to expose podman sock on windows
4328eb1 bump electron-tray to 1.1.0
3078949 Openshift CI: Switch to centos-stream base image
a9b98b7 test:compress: Don't set pkg/compress/testdata perms to 0755
6019341 spec: disable stripping of binaries
08aee21 spec: use 'make linux-release' rather than 'make cross'
d5ad3b5 spec: Use %goname
3943be1 embed: Allow to embed pre-downloaded binaries
d1712a9 build: Rename 'release' to 'linux-release'
e599e1e build: Add separate $OS-release-binary targets
18ba6cd build: Move clean from embed_crc_helpers to release target
aa7e4bd build: Rename embed_bundle to the more accurate embed_crc_helpers
d3e36f2 (origin/dev, dev) Switch to
8ef4336 Vsock: Use net.JoinHostPort to create url
d983719 podman-env: Add DOCKER_HOST env variable
790195b vsock: Add expose request for docker socket from instance to host
281f3a2 Vsock: Add protocol details for expose request type
650efe9 Update gvisor-tap-vsock dependency
294c345 lint: Update golangci-lint to 1.44.0
d5ae7ef lint: Use 'go install' instead of 'go get' to install golangci-lint
88bef4e appveyor: Drop all artifacts
0820c29 build: Drop MOCK_BUNDLE/BUNDLE_DIR
bf21fd5 rpmbuild: Switch to centos-stream base image
e97cabe daemon: Fix/improve vsock socket activation debug message
81eaaa1 Improve crc stop message for already stopped cluster
34c7fd0 e2e: Fix mismatch around cluster and instance
157e5b3 update bundle to 4.9.15
e2a76bb Fix mismatch messaging during podman preset
d6808d0 api: remove unused error variable in c.String method
0bad8c2 Remove the Result struct from the reponse types
0edca1b Add helper to send only status code without body as reponse
538de9e Issue #2468 remove Error and Success from response structs
14861ab Tray-Preflight: Ignore Tray start check for released version
2238969 MacOS Tray: Fix the tray name for plist file

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