github code-ready/crc v1.35.0

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7 months ago

Downloads are available at: To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • OpenShift 4.9.5

git shortlog

751824a cut v1.35.0
0907786 Improve usage hint of crc podman-env --root
37e8e14 docs: Fix small errors, adhere to Red Hat style
e26dcc7 Update openshift bundle to 4.9.5 (candidate channel)
790833b docs: Note that nested virtualization is not supported
1621bf5 docs: Replace "or newer" with "or later" per IBM style
dc853fd docs: Clarify processor architecture requirement
38e790c update bundle to 4.9.1(candidate release)
1ac7440 Fix release link for windows
361f05b segment: Persist identify hash to disk
641ce55 segment: Compare 'identify' using a fnv hash
d2c7e5d network: Implement network.Mode.String()
7ddec65 segment: Load user ID when creating a Client instance
d769fb6 segment: Don't send 'identify' too often

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