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8 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • OpenShift 4.9.0

git shortlog

dc60c7b Bump admin-helper to v0.0.7
b4567d2 Improve start error shown when vm with different bundle version exists
53497a8 Update bundle to 4.9.0 (candidate channel)
78b98bf Disable checkpoints and automatic start of hyperv vm
4c866b1 build: Update vendoring
3e9b6b6 preflight: Improve 'removeCrcVM' description
bda62b7 preflight: Cleanup libvirt storage pool
bfe06b4 e2e: adapt e2e container envs to run ux testing
ed9a0ef e2e: specific image name paremeter for e2e and integration container images
5c9d3f2 constants: Make CrcBinDir private
d46bfaa cache: Use BinDir() instead of CrcBinDir
45242ec cache: Remove 'destDir' from New() method
4fc019d preflight: windows: Remove unused constants
7c21b94 e2e: Add 'e2e-stories' Makefile target
ff0a8af e2e: features: Remove trailing whitespaces
83710d3 e2e: ux windows tray added pull secret window delay
c4e47c7 e2e: ux windows notification force clean notificacion area
f5ef68d e2e: notification waiting timeout reduction
98ee06b e2e: ux installer for windows remove dead code
05f2188 e2e: fix function naming by convention
80917a7 e2e: add retry to check for cluster state (avoid temporary degraded states)
c90c043 e2e: notification messages per platform
bcc086e e2e: ux feature for windows
a0f383b e2e: added step definition for reboot required on installation
0932d02 e2e: installer handler implementation for windows
72e606c e2e: notification handler implementation for windows
e0895db e2e: notification handler helpers refactor
37b49bc e2e: tray handler implementation for windows
6b0278e e2e: tray handler helpers refactor
81d14bf e2e: force PATH ENV on windows shell to check crc executable state
aa51a66 e2e: retry functions based on timeout defined as int
846257d e2e: bump gowinx v0.0.3
acbaf2b ci: Use CRC_LOG_LEVEL to always print debug logs
66a1236 logging: Allow to specify --log-level through an environment variable
356df3e logging: Add AddLogLevelFlag
19b872b logging: Add IsDebug() helper
9a0ff68 e2e: Disable update checks by default
c607ca3 e2e: Fix WithdisableNTP() case
bc8cf06 test:cmd: Add missing commands
23dbdc5 squid: Generate the certificates as part of the image build
17997c1 squid: Add https proxy
f5a9809 proxy: Add fallback to x509.NewCertPool() on Windows

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