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9 months ago

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  • Openshift 4.8.12
  • Fixed proxy issues

git shortlog

8b48ced Revert "Use DHCP to configure DNS with user network mode"
07574f8 Update bundle version to 4.8.12 (fast channel)
100f90e Update windows tray version to
634ef32 Prompt for reboot only when its a fresh install and not upgrade
6904122 Ask before uninstalling previous installed version during upgrade
fed04b9 Skip setup steps that would trigger a reboot during upgrade
52279b3 dns: Make guest connectivity check proxy-friendly
eb7bec4 validation: Fix proxy URL validation
7f59773 download: Add proxy support
b50dc99 proxy: Use x509.SystemCertPool()
efcf74c proxy: Move httpTransport() from cmd/root.go
58304ad cmd: Refactor httpTransport() to use ProxyConfig
4efae5e proxy: Add String() method
d9d8a8e proxy: Move proxyCAFile reading from cmd/root.go
576e377 cmd: Improve debug log for proxy setups with no CA file
730c70f (issue_2678) proxy: Don't clone http.transport if proxy is disabled
1972b9e proxy: Use our own http transport with crc's proxy config
a87e27f proxy: Use httpproxy package
3772c79 Increase wait for cluster stable time from 10m to 15m if proxy is enabled
33eab63 Remove code to add proxy for kubelet and crio service
62e1f5b Update
0079a30 ssh: Append new line instead of '\n' to error string
6454980 Create new ssh client when a ssh session fails
893ee5f Use systemd to start the crc-dnsmasq container
08205b8 No need to remove CNI network definition forcefully
7e12e6c Enable and start vsock and http crc sockets
270faa2 Add WantedBy section to http/vsock socket unit file
7d6f19c e2e: Allow "When executing crc command"
1d964a3 Bump bundle to 4.8.11
f901599 Use DHCP to configure DNS with user network mode
cf173bc Use vpnkit socket for the communication between the daemon and the VM on macOS
61e85b5 Bump gvisor-tap-vsock dependency
328ae4c Remove travis CI from repo
f38437d Issue #2687 Modify tray started check to verify if daemon is running
a2ed294 cmd:bundle: Use --force-stop rather than --forceStop
da29fa2 e2e: Fix 'Clenaup' typo
697746d integration Added container to run integration tests
60f63a5 e2e: container parametrized testing-mode option ux or non-ux
4b6d0f6 e2e: container parametrized cleanup-home option
937e2b6 e2e: container formating README file
5e13490 preflight: Fix rhel7 detection
0f67a49 api: Test unsupported http methods
32ce1d5 api: Improve pull secret test
786153c api: Add tests for failures
dd8aea1 api: Add test checking our HTTP test coverage
4371bb7 api: Add HTTP API test case
31cbe71 fakemachine: Add GenerateBundle failure
b177968 api: Rename api_http_test.go to api_client_test.go
d296029 bundle: Make sure perms of unpacked bundle are 0755
8ac1f3a Use context to eventually cancel waiting loops

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