github code-ready/crc v1.32.1

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9 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • Openshift 4.8.5
  • On Microsoft Windows, user network mode is now the only network mode available. User network mode requires a running CodeReady Containers system tray or crc daemon.

git shortlog

4d40571 cut v1.32.1
23784b9 Always resolve symlink when using os.Executable
1f746f4 When using an installer, the bundle must be in the right place
61f1a14 Remove() doesn't fail if the VM doesn't exist
655578e cut v1.32.0
e60e9ad Remove machine config render check for bundle generation
cf730cd Use Select-Object instead of parenthesis to get Hyper-V VM status
bd3de75 [e2e] Use executing instead execute for oc whoami step
8945981 csr: Fix oc command used by deleteCSR
73c4fa3 csr: Merge approveNodeCSR and waitForPendingCSRs
fd41db5 csr: Factor code from getCSRList callers
4e8017e csr: Wait for availability of the csr resource in getCSRList
165faa6 csr: Move const where they are used
1ac7935 Use _ rather than - in go filenames
f4334d6 Don't remove crc-users group and current user from it during upgrade
961bf3d delete: Ignore 'file missing' errors from cleanKubeconfig
0cc0565 version: Improve embedded/not embedded message
6f85879 preflight: Add warning when socket activation is not configured
14313a0 preflight: Don't try to setup daemon socket activation on el7
01078a2 Remove dummy crcbundle (added as part of df77a53 commit)
4b7ec27 Issue #2666 Fix win edition check in the preflight and msi
3e596b9 Rename splitting go code to gen_msi_wxs.go
516f582 Rename msi wxs file to product.wxs.template
88f0282 msi: Use go template to generate
559f247 msi: Start part numbering at 1 rather than 0
4390f75 msi: Add missing part to uninstall 'RemoveParts' action
2a2d933 msi: Remove several variables, only use 'crcBundleName'
0addf91 split: Remove generated files on failure
efb4b47 [e2e] Add oc whoami step in cert rotation scenario
7878969 Delete csr for signer
299226b macos: Improve TrayExecutablePath construction
f63efba build: Use same linker variable for macOS and Windows
6790f60 Introduce IsInstaller/InstallPath to replace OS-specific helpers
d239336 Move daemonStartedErrorMessage() to OS-specific file
7c23452 macos: Rework construction of TrayExecutablePath
ebe7c53 settings: Force use of user networking on Windows
bd09032 Remove pushd/popd from release target
3780bc7 Add crcbundle file to gitignore
6b28bcb Use explicit directory structure for msi output
df77a53 Add sha256sum for mac/windows release artifacts
45ebde6 Changed target from crc-installer to crc-macos-installer-amd64
42cafaf Update bundle version to 4.8.5 (candidate channel)
104b4b7 api: Split tests in separate functions
2055691 crc-embedder: Clean-up help output
9c730a6 crc-embedder: Use cobra.ExactArgs
7759fb6 Bump vendoring to OpenShift 4.8
92dc50b build: Update AlecAivazis/survey.v1 to v2
cc648e6 build: Update analytics-go
f93948b build: Update go-systemd
c01a5a4 build: Update go.mod
cc42d69 build: Remove -extldflags "-static" from LDFLAGS

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