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10 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • Openshift 4.8.4
  • Use systemd socket activation on linux to autostart the crc daemon when needed
  • Windows installer now able to add user in case of localized environment

git shortlog

  • 287dbfc Revert "Include the new bundle part in msi created due to size increase"
  • 5405d8e Update bundle to 4.8.4 (stable channel)
  • ea2fea7 Update mac (1.0.12) and windows ( tray versions
  • 7342609 Add condition that stops installation on windows home edition
  • 7d874f8 Issue #2581 Use crc setup to add current user to hyperv admins group
  • 1ef7f7b Remove fix function from preflight checks that are only ran on start
  • f98e79c Remove windows preflight checks from setup that are not going to be used in the msi
  • dae1e45 Decouple admin-helper and hyperv group checks and remove admin-helper group check
  • e1f3051 Add StartUpOnly flag to preflight Check for running checks only during 'crc start'
  • fec2bab Remove step to generate windows flat binary zip
  • 3c9be4a Use HTTP verbs for config api instead of separate urls
  • bf06a2a Add url field to helper context struct
  • 4c786d0 api: simplify handlers and route definitions
  • 7c8caa2 api: remove intermediary class
  • 1d81fb8 ci: Ensure crc_ci user can access systemctl user session
  • 61eafaf daemon: linux: Call 'SdNotify(SdnotifyReady)'
  • 1e3b45f preflight: linux: Setup daemon systemd socket activation
  • 55e0293 systemd: Add support for systemd user sessions
  • 3ca0a46 preflight: Add symlink to crc binary in ~/.crc/bin
  • 4b94bba daemon: Add systemd aware 'daemon is running' check
  • 47724ad Temporary module replacement to get an implementation for vsock.FileListener
  • d093f39 daemon: Use systemd-provided sockets if available
  • 9fad6a9 Update bundle to 4.8.3 (candidate channel)
  • 5ea8c1c docs: Clarify machine-config Operator support status
  • e0312ca e2e add cleanup-home flag. This will alllow to setup the environment externally before run the tests
  • a4b4960 e2e add Makefile target containerized_e2e to build e2e container
  • 4fb9be0 e2e add container builder specs to build a container holding specific versions of e2e as a binary
  • 0a62918 mco: delete the leader lease right after start.
  • 753fc71 docs: Update installation procedure for Windows MSI

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