github code-ready/crc v1.30.1

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11 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • OpenShift 4.8.2
  • (MCO) Machine config operator is now turned on by default
  • Many improvements to the Windows tray
  • Added forceStop flag for crc bundle generate command
  • crc release is larger than before (3.1GB vs 2.3GB before)

git shortlog

  • 376cc3c Bump crc to 1.30.1
  • 3cf09f6 Bump Windows tray to
  • 64f349a cut v1.30.0
  • 1c40c70 Update to 4.8.2 bundle (candidate channel)
  • 35b9acb Make sure machine render happen successfully after pull secret removal
  • 08f51bb Use strings.Contain instead strings.Prefix for rendered config
  • dbe0197 Include the new bundle part in msi created due to size increase
  • 17d2f65 Add container images, pull secret size/date and oc get mcp in diag. tarball
  • 3efe2ed Issue #2550 msi: check ram requirement before starting installation
  • a75f42d Use ExecuteAsAdmin to remove registry key for vsock
  • 4b8ee8d Stop kubelet and all containers by hand before stopping the VM
  • 5ca59b8 test: crc should stop without force otherwise it is a bug
  • 171f906 Update bundle to 4.8.1 (candidate channel)
  • d323b29 automatic file formatting fixes for xml files in IDE
  • b5f1f25 Issue #2565 Create vsock registry entry from msi
  • 0bc6be4 [bundle creation] Wait till pull secret is removed from instance disk
  • 6eca91b Wait for resource before getting data from it
  • e7899b6 Add force to delete the pods after cert rotation
  • 870f0d7 Wait till pull secret is part of instance disk
  • 98ae6dc Pull secret should be added as soon as apiserver is responding
  • e3d5912 Remove 4.8 version check for ssh key check on mco resource
  • 1238ce5 api: return state.Stopped when the machine doesnt exist
  • ba20423 Issue #2559 Remove gvisor-tap-vsock service from hyperv host registry on cleanup
  • 20d5fe6 Bump hyperkit driver to 0.15.0
  • 9c74051 Bump trays to latest versions
  • a12b9b1 e2e windows cmd with env fix missing semicolon
  • f18fcf4 Handle error from os.UserHomeDir function
  • 9d4a8e1 Avoid unnessary error log during test result collection
  • 5ed4a8b daemon: Add support for CRC_DAEMON_PCAP_FILE env var
  • fb92b11 constants: Use os.UserHomeDir()
  • d7a73b6 daemon: Wrap http.Serve errors
  • aabac5e api: remove binary protocol server
  • 4b5043b Introduce a new type for crc status. Distinguish it from machine status.
  • 24ce8c7 integration disk resize test on macos
  • c3360d0 Return error if forcestop is not used
  • 5339a20 Fix the state of VM when generating the bundle
  • 799f6a8 Update bundle version to 4.8.0 (candidate)
  • 6d1d7b3 [e2e]Use force stop option for bundle generate test
  • b04c6ca Delete outdated rendered master/worker machineconfigs and just keep the latest one
  • d1d00ed Update error message for pull secret removal
  • 02a30bf Add forceStop flag for bundle generate command
  • 6e70afb Remove incompatible suffix from go mod

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