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11 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • OpenShift version 4.7.18
  • Users can now resize disk in macOS by using config option: disk-size
  • kubeconfig file is regenerated for each fresh start of crc
  • The default and only Network mode for CRC installations done using macOS pkg is the 'user' network-mode
  • Improvements to windows tray stability
  • In Windows msi is the recommended method for installation.


  • bc5f440 bump version to 1.29.1
  • e50d881 Use redis operator for marketplace story
  • 40e20ca Issue #2458 Ignore return value from hyperv installation custom action
  • 7824351 e2e rewrite test scenario steps to use crc cmd util class
  • 78b8d18 e2e use crc cmd util class to run cmd commands
  • 526d85c e2e create crc cmd util class to execute commands
  • b859382 Fix typo in start log message
  • 17fa839 docs: Remove system network mode changes for macOS
  • c289875 cut v1.29.0
  • 5952072 circleci: Update xcode version
  • 78e92a5 Issue #2505 Add crc installation folder to system PATH env variable
  • 5385ba1 Issue #2420 use /d with cd command to be able to change to different drive
  • 613bcc6 Add rollback custom action to remove the crc-users group
  • 8e83c33 Show progress text in the msi installation UI during custom actions
  • bd76556 Enable hyper-v from the msi
  • 7a0c37a Use installer provided env variable instead of manually forming path to cmd.exe
  • d29d161 Install and start the admin-helper service from the msi
  • 228f2b3 Prompt user to reboot after installation
  • ef92b05 Create crc-users group in the msi and add the logon user to it and hyperv-admins group
  • e3f54b2 Update bundle to 4.7.18
  • 8ee7628 Replace kubeconfig file for each fresh start of crc
  • 466c4da Use kubeconfig from instance machine dir instead from metadata
  • 8928cf1 #2446 Add USERDOMAIN prefix if the user is part of a domain
  • eef7cac Issue #2499 Check if err is nil before returning
  • 15edcf8 Add cleanup description for crc-users cleanup
  • 962e2f0 Issue #2499 Add error message to crc-users group preflight checks
  • 1a152e2 Update bundle to 4.7.16
  • 486308b Add section on compiling CRC locally to developing.adoc
  • f543acc Move creation of base directories to crc-embedder command root
  • eef8b38 Issue #2481 use current crc location to determine the msi installation path
  • b6dc5e0 Enclose path with quotes in powershell command
  • 97470d1 Bump windows tray to v0.8.0.0 and macOS tray to v1.0.10
  • b3b81ff Return stderr with err in case of oc command failure
  • df9807d Convert WaitForSSH function to sshRunner WaitForConnectivity method
  • 309c416 Move WaitForSSH to ssh package from cluster package
  • 5d877a3 Remove crc-users group during cleanup
  • e0cc463 Issue #2433 check if tray is running before attempting to kill during cleanup
  • 320c4d3 Add proxy-ca-file to http transport
  • 424c161 Force macOS pkg to use user networking mode
  • d500c19 ux testing expected messages fix syntax
  • 2b07a78 applescript retry strategy for check cluster status
  • f49c4b4 applescript ensure activate an close terminal windows
  • 3f94305 Use regex instead string match for stop command
  • 0186f98 Bump golangci-lint to v1.41.1
  • 77257eb Remove MCO daemon and server pods forcefully to avoid lock during stop
  • 1c42174 Use sudo to update the public key to authorized_key file
  • 59892d6 Update ssh public key to machineconfig resource if used 4.8 cluster
  • 9223d53 Update machine-driver-hyperkit to 0.14.0
  • bac4fbd Add missing disk size when starting the VM from the API
  • 1d81100 macos: Add qcow-tool to installer
  • c9ec0b5 embed: Set permissions when downloading files
  • f273ca6 macos: Enable disk resizing
  • 6dfbcee macos: Add qcow-tool preflight check
  • de85c12 hyperkit: Slight refactor of URL constant definitions
  • b1a4879 Update machine module
  • e38f7da Update golang to 1.15
  • 90e9d9c Update yq syntax for newer version
  • f085513 Add version check for golangci lint
  • 103ac2f Add specific User-Agent when fetching release-info.json
  • 293ee61 Disable update check for crc in CI
  • 8366fa4 Propagate current env. to crc command
  • 83eef20 preflight: Fix crc setup hang when enabling hyperv
  • 1e0df53 preflight: Fix typo in hyperv check description
  • 2fc9e9e Check exists bool and not only the error
  • 0315c20 docs: Expand installation procedure, cover binary and installer

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