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12 months ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

  • OpenShift 4.7.13
  • CRC entries in kubeconfig are now removed during crc delete
  • crc podman-env has a new flag --root which allows to use podman as root user
  • User can now specify the kubeadmin password with the config key kubeadmin-password
  • Windows: general improvement of the UI of the tray
  • Windows: add a privileged service for adding/removing .crc.testing. hosts file entries (avoid UAC prompts when doing crc start)
  • MacOS release: keep only the .pkg, remove the tarball

Known issues

macOS: the application crashes when the content of ~/.kube/config is unexpected (after a crc delete for example). A workaround is to delete the ~/.kube/config file and restart the application. See code-ready/tray-macos#112


  • 698d54d Make rootless as default socket for podman-env command
  • 19171e8 Reboot only once
  • 8c7b342 Add preflights for installing admin-helper daemon
  • c8ec507 Use admin-helper daemon on Windows to avoid UAC prompts
  • 0f044b1 Wait the end of the execution of the script and check for errors
  • 02fe964 bump windows tray to v0.7.0.0
  • 0e9cfa8 Add cleanup function for stop tray in preflight checks
  • 206f3e1 Issue #2378 Add if tray is running preflight check
  • 7c24c16 Add CodeReady Containers to start menu upon install
  • d7f41ab Remove preflight code that was setting up autostart of tray
  • e80bc2e Create shortcut to crc-tray.exe in startup folder in the msi
  • 68986b7 Clean kubeconfig file after crc delete
  • 4f314f3 Remove fat macOS binary, keep only for the .pkg for release
  • 9865315 Use name property in crc-bundle-info.json
  • 41c9859 Use a bundle name without extension in machine.Start
  • 21e85da Adding debug log for running ssh command with root
  • 36dd2fe Stop the ntp service if CRC_DEBUG_ENABLE_STOP_NTP is set
  • f4803ea Update bundle to 4.7.13
  • 14a36e3 Ask the user to start the tray if the daemon is not launched on Windows
  • c925a25 Change default network mode to user when installing with the msi
  • ebb0e28 Change crc podman-env to use the root Podman socket
  • 1a81fb2 Display the download link from release-info.json
  • 6627061 Add all fields of the release-info.json in the Golang struct
  • 2995245 Add absolute download links in release-info.json
  • 17f26a6 Generate the ssh key before saying the VM exists
  • b4f757b Keep custom entries added by the user
  • 5a6e902 Generate the kubeadmin password as soon as possible
  • 42edbc4 Create instance files right after creating the disk image
  • 49a8060 telemetry: report if crc was installed using the installers
  • 66e85bb Silence progress bars
  • ee172de Use the same code to call powershell in crc and the driver
  • cfa8082 Remove Hyper-V driver code from darwin and linux targets
  • b1b4a03 exec.LookPath never fails for powershell
  • f5b3afe Use the error returned by exec.LookPath instead of empty string
  • 33d1665 Write the script file with a single call to ioutil.WriteFile
  • bcbd28d Remove the temp directory after use
  • 674e2ae Fail if the temp dir cannot be created
  • 4b24e75 Add more debug logs when running command in powershell
  • 42fb982 Remove named return parameters in powershell package
  • c897172 Add config option to set kubeadmin password for cluster
  • f113feb preflight: Use the preflightFilter API
  • 668a0cb preflight: Add filter API
  • 1ef71c9 preflight: Add labels to checks
  • 2f3c550 preflight: Add short getAllPreflightChecks doc
  • 898d479 preflight: Don't use 'Checks' naming for a single check
  • 2852ded preflight: Don't use [...]Check and checks[:]...
  • e29dd69 Update go modules to their latest versions
  • 2249089 Fix release info URI to use rest/mirror instead file
  • 657caa5 Add method to list all bundles available
  • a06d6dc start: Display help message when preflights fail
  • d641825 Manage pull secret content on ux e2e
  • 60e11bd Remove older admin helper executable
  • bf99877 Bump admin-helper to 0.0.4
  • eef96e6 Rename 'admin-helper' to 'crc-admin-helper'
  • 0c5c7df constants: Don't define admin helper name twice
  • 502dbcd Replace mirror link to
  • 6a713b7 Issue #2370 Don't use custom action to delete install folder during uninstall
  • fc29cd9 Issue #2366 Don't try to download the tray during setup
  • 943c979 Cache disk size and usage in the API for 1 minute
  • eff7b92 Get the cluster operator list via the http API and not ssh
  • 86de0d9 Fixes ##2368 Change background color of MSI installer images

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