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15 months ago

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5f06e84 Revert "Rotate logs only if deletion was successful"
97893eb cut v1.24.0
56868d6 hyperkit: Revert back to 0.12.11 machine driver
e6cb90f Change the root check error message to be easier to understand
bc911b9 Revert "Validate sudo access before using it with a real command"
7ae9fd9 Remove unused import
92140dd Issue #2054 Ask to run setup, or cleanup and setup on 'autostart-tray' change
5d2d0db Remove home dir from telemetry errors
e95e583 Validate sudo access before using it with a real command
3396a9e Change the sudo missing error to be more user friendly
15482ac Issue #2112: Check VM disk size from inside the VM
9868197 Do not timestamp integration output files
84f47f4 macos: Make launchd processes interactive
98ad4f6 macos: Reinstall launchd services when their definition changes
04150bd launchd: Use os.RunWithDefaultLocale() rather than exec.Command
a7fa703 launchd: Improve launchctl error reporting
ad1b4c9 Use image name as option for image-lookup
8810e18 Update the username to kubeadmin
44a5728 Fix disk resize with 4.7 bundles
b8476d9 ssh: Wrap errors returned by ssh.client.Run()
1548cac machine: Remove duplicate import
2e89ea8 #2004 Extract then rename can be too fast for Windows antivirus
899cffc Add client package for the HTTP API
48df426 Use the http listener used for network control to serve the daemon api
d8e8cf9 Rotate logs only if deletion was successful
fa34a40 Rotate logs only in crc command line, not in the daemon
ea810b0 config: Only allow setting 'autostart-tray' when 'experimental-features' are enabled
47bd624 Revert "Remove tray and daemon preflight checks from experimental"
39e9761 Move rhel-resolved-docs macro
14072d2 Revised text and formatting substitutions
67638c7 Note systemd-resolved usage for RHEL 8
995b8ce Bump macOS tray to 1.0.4
4fed14d Bump hyperkit driver to 0.12.12
9e0ecb8 Bump admin helper to 0.0.3
c073be1 Bump gvisor-tap-vsock vendoring: remove debug log
c6d78cd [Doc] Remove as=system:admin for developer user
0e8ed19 Bump minimum macOS version in the installer
716d38e Update kubeadmin password for each fresh start
5566ef7 Update bundle from 4.7.1 to 4.7.2
3d5300c Retain 100 log messages in the memory and serve it through the API
5fc7586 When stop returns an error try to use poweroff to shutdown vm
0ff1735 Update golangci-lint to 1.37.1
bd44d95 Revert "build: Add generic rule for autogenerated files"
768f137 build: Add generic rule for autogenerated files
830be26 build: Don't strip debug information
bf2462c rpm: Automatically add bundled() Requires
66b82e6 rpm: Don't hardcode version information in spec file
2788c22 rpm: Hook container rpmbuild to CI
b90c6bb util_test: Fix failure when running as root
dd15544 start_test: Add fallback when shell cannot be detected
6956b8f build: Add spec file for rpm builds
0cc7e97 build: allow to change go build flags
97c2e31 Not being able to connect to the auth server at this point is an error
f8f8a5c Remove "cluster might report degraded state" warning
01613f0 Show maximum 5 operators in status debug string
5f13db4 Improve logging of daemon protocol
876fdb8 Propagate context to eventually cancel the startup sequence of the VM
26cd989 Reduce the ssh timeout in order to trigger more retries
7de2738 Use the same error field for json errors and backend errors
90c1590 Fix 'crc config --help' typo
bd6be0b machine: Fix error handling in Stop()
a2e9e10 Use crc-admin context to login as kubeadmin user
b90f6f6 circleci: Try to force http 1.1 to download go
48dac5d Don't hardcode hyperkit binary name
94bc3ee integration: Improve regexp checking if cluster is running
a7a8175 Improve debug output of ssh and exec
8836635 machine: Split updateSSHKeyAndCopyKubeconfig
c4c56b1 Add bundleName field to CrcBundleInfo
2a60ffa Remove mentions of 'goodhosts'
ee295a0 constants: Remove Default{WebConsole,API}URL
c393812 Activate the bundle (eg install oc symlink) only on start action
2b5a5df Simplify bundle function name
9ee0a7a Bump release to 1.23.1
5f77da5 Update bundle version from 4.7.0 to 4.7.1
16b3480 Bump the minimal supported macOS version
f3d32dc Reports OpenShift version even if the VM is stopped
a855fa0 Add bundle default ssh key when connecting to the VM
32779ab crc status returns vm is Running and k8s is Unreachable if ssh is not working
ba6d52d Remove ClusterOperator kind from CVO overrides
394deb5 Bump macos tray to 1.0.3
be17b14 Bump macOS tray to 1.0.3
bb53363 Add check if crc daemon is running and bind to default endpoints
0906dfd config: Only allow setting 'autostart-tray' when 'experimental-features' are enabled
ac7a8f8 Revert "Remove tray and daemon preflight checks from experimental"
6ccabe2 Bump release to 1.23.1
c0e407e bump macOS tray version to 1.0.2
d939e42 Convert Debug to Info for wait for apiserver availablility
949bc4e bump macOS tray version to 1.0.2
bcc45c9 Convert Debug to Info for wait for apiserver availablility
cdf9d7b Display a more informative message when crc is updating kubeconfig
4448096 After waiting cluster operators, directly write kubeconfig
49532fe Load the kubeadmin password in a more robust way: remove extra spaces
8728d83 Bump nodejs module to 14
7168e7a images:docs_builder: Use 'ignorelist' rather than 'whitelist'
87acd72 circleci: Update ubuntu image and podman package

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