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pre-release5 months ago

This is a development preview of CodeReady Containers.

  • Uses a new tray/desktop application (macOS and Windows only)
  • Allows for running an OpenShift or Podman bundle


The following is part of the development preview and will not be in the final release.

  • Telemetry is enforced for this release to collect issues
  • Changing preset needs to happen from the command line: crc config set preset [openshift|podman] or during the onboarding.
  • MacOS package is not signed so user need to manually add this package as exception from Security & Privacy system preferences.
  • Delete older version of CodeReady Container app before installing new one on MacOS.
    • sudo rm -fr /Applications/CodeReady\ Containers*

If you experience any issues, please consider the discussion: #2916 first.

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