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2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

dea3f32 Issue #1127 Remove Windows 10 Home docs as supported edition
960a6a2 Issue #1041 Add intermediate Starting status for the cluster
08c905b Add ClusterStatus struct to capture current state of cluster
6eab68a fix typo
0c23b4d Issue #607 Disable dynamic memory (Hyper-V)
f91d978 Issue #1060 Add admin context to oc runner
bf32368 Issue #1108 Add PR template
e676e44 Issue #1082: Only build launchd code on macOS
b4d828c Issue #1084: Embed podman binary on linux
b6acf7e Issue #1102 Make clear-cache work when there is no existing crc vm
75baa69 doc: Add more details regarding the expected DNS configuration
115c65b Issue #1099 Separate error message for instance and config removal
ded9345 Make PodmanUrlForOs variable unexported
6f95f28 Add GetPodmanUrlForOs to get OS specific tarball for embedder

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