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2 years ago

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66f903b Make PodmanUrlForOs variable unexported
fbd2635 Add GetPodmanUrlForOs to get OS specific tarball for embedder
db1290d Wait for proxy to propagated to cluster
56de8f6 Issue #1076 Bump tray version to 1.0.0-alpha.3
09f2e0a Issue #961 Podman remote currently not working on Windows
f4eab95 Issue #1062 Update "Starting monitoring" docs for CVO changes
aa3b038 Embed podman (remote) binary in crc binary
28210ee Drop unused constants
00c7811 Add podman-env command
785dcdd Move launchAgentsDir to launchd package
a325595 Move launchd related function to a different package
08d30ea Issue #1022 Split tray setup logic into smaller checks
ff035d4 Issue #1055 Fix style errors in documentation
e4f3933 Issue #1066 Remove call to logging.Fatal from machine.Start
d3e7463 Remove openshift-marketplace operator proxy settings
44f37cb Issue #951 Send errors back encoded as JSON
6694413 Move all type definitions to a new file types.go
c8ce727 Issue #949 Make cluster operation calls serve in order
a7a91b2 update for kubeadmin
3ba6f26 Enable size check for disk image
41f38d0 Issue #810 Document resource requirements for alerting, telemetry
2046025 Issue #149 Document configuration
9887134 Update bundle version from 4.3.0 to 4.3.1
06bd514 Use 'RunOcCommandPrivate' method for pull secret
9292f11 Add RunOcCommandPrivate method to OcConfig
04e93a6 Implement RunPrivate method for OcRunner interface
d64cc07 Add RunWithDefaultLocalePrivate function
a41a692 Issue #1013: Check resolved IP in CheckCRCLocalDNSReachableFromHost
e169766 Fish shell logic should be same on Linux
e4fa97e Add support for fish-shell on macOS
523e185 Fix typos in documentation.
5a5ae19 Update libvirt machine driver from 0.12.6 to 0.12.7
331d751 Issue #1015: Set /var/lib/kubelet/config.json permissions to 0600
12e4fd1 Add sshRunner.SetTextContentAsRoot helper
fe4494a Store pods detail before stop/delete with stopAndRemovePodsCmd
2625529 Integration Test: Add log level to debug for crc status
31e0e0e Host might be unreachable

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