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2 years ago

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206eea9 Update vendor
f9982db Check tray version during setup
8eae777 Downaload and replace tray binary during setup
3d06efe Issue #1010 Ensure that ~/Library/LaunchAgents dir exists
8674e34 (issue_1015) Issue #1019: Add internal IPs to NO_PROXY for openshift-marketplace operator
75414b5 Issue #1019: Fix openshift-marketplace proxy setting
f0287e2 Issue #1017 Update tray version to v1.0.0-alpha.2
51eaf6a Issue #999 Call WatchConfig in viper initialization
bfbac99 preflight: Fix typo in error message
c2102d5 preflight: Don't use errors.Newf in preflight checks
6f457dc preflight: Don't export CheckNetworkManagerIsRunning
f613293 Issue #990: preflight: Improve readability of preflight errors
b44d43c Issue #990: os.Run*: Add debug log when command failed
20e762c Issue #990: os: Factor common code in os.Run*
420825c Issue #990: os: Add debug to os.Run* functions
d20aeb3 Issue #995: Check libvirt crc network definition
6071144 Issue #995: libvirt: Use net-info instead of grepping in net-list
c0c4170 Issue #1006 Use ubi instead of centos as base image
1937a9c Issue #978 Wait for update of client-ca request header
b445c1b Remove vm-driver from config set test cases
a3bd657 test: Remove references to hypervisors
1976bbb Issue #966 Remove driver option from start
cae2ed9 Issue #966 Remove driver option from setup
152872e Handle 'Disabled' state in GetClusterOperatorStatus
321e07b Add 'insights' to the list of ignored operators
607660d Add Stale bot
1d753db Issue #982 Restructure documentation
3b64fcc Updated first reference to include Red Hat branding

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