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2 years ago

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f8441be Issue #898 Add proxy configuration to openshift-marketplace
8e265f1 Issue #962 Remove configKeySuffix field from tray preflight check
5bd993a Make the test more stable
37cb746 Issue #878 Add check in the tests for copy-paste oc login details after start
85b9abc Handle env vars better on Win in story_marketplace feature file
f2a4bc9 Issue #962 only enable systray as experimental feature
ef09b9c Issue #962 add option for experimental features
3402010 Issue #896 Install tray as part of crc setup
724fb2b Add FileExists helper function to os package
f10526b Issue #896 Embed the macos tray in crc binary
66386f0 Make Logs from the daemon go to crcd.log instead of crc.log
c36a879 Implement CrcApiServer, which is the run as the crc daemon
c3cc33d Issue #958: Set proxy in machine.Status
a6f82c7 Issue #958: machine: Simplify machine.configProxyForCluster
f3a8a05 Issue #958: machine: Ensure no_proxy=.testing always gets set
4ddef2a Issue #337 Document running CRC behind a proxy
d094b99 Remove systemd managed dnsmasq in dockerfile
2bd8fac Start using centos:8 for dnsmasq
92ad35f Issue #422 Document how to upgrade CRC
fb19918 Make NoProxy to private to network package
e9a9850 Use GetNoProxyString() helper function instead strings.join
0a86c47 Issue #947 use GetNoProxyString() to set no proxy for proxy resource
38ea435 Update bundle from 4.3.0-rc.3 to 4.3.0 (#946)
35e214f set no proxy environment variable properly in kubelet and crio (#945)
c7db4d4 Issue #943 Fix typo in "Troubleshooting bundle version mismatch" docs (#944)
964968c Update bundle version from 4.2.14 to 4.3.0-rc.3 (#939)
8b35135 Issue #929: logging: Ensure ~/.crc exists before creating log file (#932)
7001821 Update bundle version from 4.2.13 to 4.2.14 (#936)
8dbd439 Mention that cert renewal takes a few minutes (#934)
c137274 Update proc_starting-the-virtual-machine.adoc (#871)
8175fa7 preflight: Set correct permissions on extracted binaries
8958276 Remove redundant chmod

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