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2 years ago

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80fb5dc preflight: Set correct permissions on extracted binaries
5ceda43 Remove redundant chmod
6d39580 Issue #887: Add proxy env to oc-env
84a4b69 Issue #887: oc-env: Don't override PersistentPreRun in oc-env command
614081c Remove unused oc-env/shell code
bd9b9a2 oc-env: Don't use template to print env
91bf393 machine: Only add instanceIP to NoProxy for cluster
f566a57 Issue #887: machine: Introduce getProxyConfig helper
1eb58ec network: Store ProxyConfig.NoProxy as a []string
3ae05da network: Rework DefaultProxy creation
2cbd872 network: Make ProxyConfig.AddNoProxy variadic
383d1e6 test: Use "crc stop -f"
d2bc31d Revert "CI: add debug for failing test case"
d6b76f1 Issue #877 Integration: Absolute path starts without separator on Windows
6673ade Issue #854 Add host->cluster DNS checks
3017f3c Issue #509: preflight: Use embed package to get hyperkit binaries
9da0d6d Issue #509: preflight: Use embed package to get libvirt machine driver
198e94a Issue #509: preflight: Use embed package to get oc
6fa3025 Issue #509: preflight: Use new embed package to extract bundle
64e4ef2 Issue #509: build: Add build-time tool to embed misc binaries in crc
6f57e39 build: Don't filter out '/out' from tests
8f6c972 Issue #509: preflight: Move machine driver-related constants to 'machine' package
d2aded2 Issue #509: Rework GetDefaultBundle
e3bedc2 Issue #509: Rework constants.DefaultOcUrl
26ccfea Update bundle from 4.2.10 to 4.2.13
cf9d2a6 Issue #872: Remove no longer used config constants
04ce018 Issue #903: Wait for csr resource before trying to approve the CSRs
0eba661 Issue #903: Move waitForOpenshiftAPIServer from cluster to oc
d5ed7f1 Issue #899 Fix typo in developing.adoc
3955824 CI: add debug for failing test case
b2e5833 Issue #872: preflight: Add NoFix flag
87acfdf Issue #872: preflight: Reword some of the Windows 'checkLog'
80181bd Issue #872: preflight: Add missing fixLog/checkLog
5fd70eb Issue #872: preflight: Simplify preflight fix/check API
568a640 Issue #872: preflight: Factor common checks
f56af9f Issue #872: config: Add GetConfigCmd() method
e552b17 Issue #872: preflight: Autogenerate config keys
8312f70 Issue #872: preflight: Remove unused methods
278e00d Issue #872: preflight: Use new preflight API for Linux checks
89259e8 Issue #872: preflight: Use new preflight API for macos checks
ffd78f0 Issue #872: preflight: Use new preflight API for Windows checks
1ed3a08 Issue #872: upreflight: Introduce new API for preflight refactor
2985be8 Revert "Issue #854 Add host->cluster DNS checks"
a092917 Bump crc release version to 1.4.0-dev
d1b374c Issue #859 Integration: run tests and keep .crc folder
c644ed7 Issue #846 Integration tests: make possible to run feature files separately
5b438c3 Issue #845 Integration tests: update location where bundle is unpacked
14af81a Issue #850 Ensure Hyper-V management service is running

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