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2 years ago

Downloads are available at: . To use these binaries, please follow the instructions at to obtain the needed pull-secret.

0cdc12b Revert "Issue #854 Add host->cluster DNS checks"
1ab8711 Issue #337 Add resource as parameter for waitForOpenshiftAPIServer function
ff5d4d5 Issue #337 Add proxy for cluster and instance
cb7b525 Issue #337 Accept host as slice to add it to noproxy
02d2131 Issue #337 Add noproxy check validation
2afc821 Issue #337 Remove rerr = nil from the defer function
71de1a1 Issue #878 Simplified login ux by formatting creds for copy-pasting
9f9d19b Update bundle from 4.2.8 to 4.2.10
aeb5ecc Issue 656: validation: Replace "" with actual hypervisor name
866a335 Refactor to set pullsecret and clusterID
e3ad198 Issue #854 Add host->cluster DNS checks
17a5f3a Issue #337 Add basic layout for proxy support
bb503ac Issue #838 Remove virtualbox from documentation
d408bfe Issue #838 Remove virtualbox from GitHub issue templates
6fa96b0 Issue #838 Remove virtualbox driver support
e017d31 Remove note about expiring certificates, following comment from Christophe
1dc1f4a Update README to inform about new automatic certificate renewal behavior in crc >=1.2.0
4133d7d Issue #873 Remove the debug info from pullsecret functions
4f24a0a Issue #873 Use RunPrivate for pullsecret commands
dab3a46 Issue #873 Add RunPrivate method to sshRunner
871cc9b Issue #873 Add runPrivate parameter to runSSHCommandFromDriver method
0743c40 Issue #873 Move ssh command invocation from machine to sshRunner
fc30212 Increase timeout for integration tests from 90m to 120m
d2242f3 Issue #786 Integration: Install operator from marketplace user story
9744a10 Issue #865: update output of a help string for crc config
b0d660e Revert some changes from 3f84454 commit.
e7792b8 Use --rm option when running a container non-daemon mode
8b3fe03 Issue #840 Use tagged image instead of fetching from registry
df7c9cf Issue #848: Remove '7 days' check/warnings
90d0c54 doc: Update documentation for TLS certs renewal
6ee5108 doc: Mention 'odo' in 'Accessing the cluster'
d6a16d6 Bump crc release version to 1.3.0-dev
52a2847 Issue #832 update Openshift version in the doc

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