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16 months ago

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6faff76 cut 1.22.0
4b82a77 Use regex to replace the carriage return to '\n' char
dda4689 Add crc setup instruction if start fail in preflight
b418397 Introduce preflight error type
1126705 #1948 don't use viper to write the config file
edcd605 Verify crc.json when using flags that are not real config properties
c1c62fc Initialize the logger once with the correct filename
fe62e0f Close logger after segment as segment also uses the log system
c1cb7f7 Bump crc trays' version
a0c17ab Check the tray version when checking if tray executable exists
68a7d94 Added specific message for uninstalling daemon on cleanup scneario for windows
7d8d737 Removed fixed message for removing tray on windows basic
217e59a Split scenario monitoring stack check for windows and non windos platforms
6c6e8c1 Update method description for suite on stdout | stderr contains if bundle embedded or not
0e6ec43 #1927 write config to a temporary file and then rename it
3ea2742 Store the pull secret manually entered by the user in the keyring
fc5ac05 Fix ValidateBool function to accept valid range of boolean
3341517 [Segment] Remove unused argument from proxy function
10594af Bump up clicumber in go.mod
ef012c9 Report status as "Unreachable" instead of "Not Reachable"
e9af36e os: Add RunningInTerminal() helper
9429aed Fix typo in error Unwrap method
5029f5b Add vm not exist error type
f148ddc validation: Add validation.ValidateBundle
4bd8271 validation: Rename ValidateBundle to ValidateBundlePath
7a86c30 validation: Simplify ValidateBundle version check
c6f3c1c preflight: Rework bundle checks
ed243aa bundle: call Verify() before returning from Get()
86b81d8 Improve version.IsRelease() implementation
831aa62 Rename integration tests to e2e tests
665d9cc Update bundle from 4.6.13 to 4.6.15
f3256b1 Bump gvisor-tap-vsock
2f3d8cd Bump golang linter
549d9e2 [Segment] Capture crc run on tty/non-tty environment
f42a6e7 Display a nice error when the given pull secret is empty
23aab0f Directly give the link to get the pull secret. Change the wording.
b4eadc7 Keep asking for the secret until it is valid.
f74259d Move code prompting for the pull secret near the loader
bac38d9 Use non interactive loader in interactive pull secret loader
752d7bb Also check for OKD in non-interactive pull secret loader (ie. the tray)
32296bd Move all the code where the pull secret is loaded in the same package
e34584f Use expected value from validation function
80e89b6 Introduce tabwriter to display properties and value type
5632b2f Add value type for a key
b1aed27 Remove confusing words from config usage
9c7744b Fix status command for json output
bed1fb0 Use switch instead of multiple if statement
7371fe9 Validate machine check error at first
0af872a Remove extra line in crc start output
c040f8a macos: Rename installer to crc-installer-macos-amd64.pkg
5b9fdc8 #1903 aborting extract doesn't corrupt cache directory
8308999 Daemon should exit with an error if it can't accept connections
791f541 Send Memory/DiskSize in bytes to telemetry
009f1a7 segment: Fix isProxyUsed()
785d339 extract: Add zstd support
4955bba vendor: Update h2non/filetype to latest version
074faf7 telemetry: add config properties network mode, proxy, etc.
8e2d1be telemetry: send the number of cpus, disk size and memory allocated
d2ce507 telemetry: send the key used in crc config commands
1127326 Bump libvirt driver
1a5d06c Bump hyperkit driver: logger is now a regular logrus instance
e8b80aa Update bundle to 4.6.13 from 4.6.12
e6cb742 Remove unused errorMessage function
3bb6831 Implement serializable error to use with render
162e13a Upgrade machine: use logrus logger
04e4d39 libmachine: no more unit tests need to discard the status check
145e477 libmachine: all logs are debug so that they are not shown in crc start
631b1d5 libmachine: use crc errors.RetryAfter and remove WaitFor helper
f91a0d6 libmachine: move copy file function where it is used, in the driver
3283d45 libmachine: remove GenerateRandomID, unused method
fa3af8b libmachine: move config version constant along with the struct Host
c6300a3 libmachine: API version is the rpc protocol version, its not used here
f8cf9bb libmachine: remove unused method ValidateHostName
2a03761 libmachine: simplify filestore_test.go by using assert
ae5a98e libmachine: properly cleanup directory used for filestore tests
91b3314 libmachine: remove dangerous cleanup method called with empty argument
a014920 libmachine: merge default_test_host and filestore_test
2cccaac libmachine: remove indirection and directly set the field
90a9404 libmachine: use fmt.Errorf and errors.Wrap instead of custom errors
ef38816 libmachine: MultiError is not used
94ff6da Refactor runDaemon to return an error
82aada9 Rename CrcApiServer to Server as we are already in api package
c452297 Catch SIGTERM when running crc daemon to gracefully shutdown it
76c12e0 Remove the separate stopTray check as it is also done in removeTray
f435f39 Issue #1887 Check for existence before trying to remove
ccbe12e Update the cluster cidr and service network in case of proxy
e69e06d validation: Improve error messages in ValidateBundle()
b57ed3b Fix constants.BundleEmbedded ambiguity
6e072d1 diagnose: collect stderr output of container logs
84e806e FileExists is true on Windows even with chmod 000
a926efc preflight: Don't call external commands in checkUserPartOfLibvirtGroup
6d236ef Rename RunWithPrivilege to RunPrivileged
907a93b Change message printed by 'RunWithPrivilege'
21b3954 preflight: Fix description of fixVsock
c3e2e89 preflight: Make 'Will use root access' messages more consistent
1eed368 preflight: Limit the number of privileged operations that crc does
6c8ea26 os: Improve FileExists behaviour
ca9236f preflight: Fix corner cases in fixVsock()
e44bc24 preflight: Simplify 'is /dev/vsock readable/writable' check
aa5327e preflight: Store udev rule in /etc/udev
b196895 preflight: Use RemoveFileAsRoot rather than RunWithPrivilege('rm', '-f')
8d9749e preflight: Factor tray download/extraction code
b596553 ssh: log private keys used for the connection
1795a56 Add version check for the tray executable
d7f4fba Issue #1637 Setup daemon as a startup application instead of service
61ab28f Issue #1637 Don't run daemon on windows as service
6e460f1 Add templatized files to gitignore
7928038 Unpack the tray in the macOS pkg directly
b25f69f Integration: Add testdata tag to copy required file for test run
fef02b5 Integration: pull the image instead building using podman
d77e414 Remove OcBinDir if it's a file
31733cb Remove redundant string conversion
6a6250e Tell user beforehand about config change when ask for statistics
1005f63 Use IP as in default context for segment client
de1d9f1 Update bundle from 4.6.9 to 4.6.12
2a3871c Advertise vsock mode when it cannot run otherwise
5e4b92f ubuntu: tell the user to logout, login and run crc setup
def31a9 Use public registry for ubi

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